If there’s something that’s consistent across all social enterprises, it’s faith – even when that faith isn’t always warranted. In 2020, Irish researcher Kate Kenny and her UK-based colleagues looked into exactly that. They asked how, amidst tensions and anxieties, social entrepreneurs were able to retain their faith in the field. Is it because of fantasy? Let’s explore some of their key takeaways.

Hearing input directly from your customers can be daunting for a social entrepreneur. You’ve likely put everything on the line for an idea that you believe in and while you know that seeking input from customers can be valuable, it can be a confronting exercise! Many entrepreneurs avoid research because of this, but those who do know that the payoff is big.

Calling all Australian changemakers! Ever dreamed of studying in the US? The Australian-American Fulbright Commission has launched the new Fulbright Future Scholarships – its most generous scholarship program ever. Here are 5 ways a Fulbright Scholarship can transform your social impact career.