Australia’s social enterprise sector has received a monumental boost with the Albanese Labor Government’s $11.6 million Social Enterprise Development Initiative. This initiative promises to empower social enterprises with grants, educational resources, and more, marking a significant leap towards sustainable community impact and inclusive growth.

How might we improve our personal health while turbocharging the growth of the ‘business for good’ movement? Here are some reflections from Tom Allen, Founder and CEO at Impact Boom, on ideas, barriers, ‘energy leaks’, and key opportunities for us to mainstream purpose-driven business.

Explore the ‘Five Stages of Social Enterprise Development’ framework, a vital tool for entrepreneurs and intermediaries alike, designed to streamline growth, enhance collaboration, and navigate the complex journey of social enterprise evolution in Australia. Discover how CASEI is leading the charge in fostering a unified approach to social enterprise support.

Discover how three Australian female entrepreneurs captivated the World Summit Awards with their innovative social impact ventures, showcasing Australia’s leadership in digital innovation and commitment to global change. Read more about their inspiring journey from local creativity to international acclaim.

Attention social entrepreneurs! If you’re ready to fan the flames of change and blaze a trail of positive impact, the AMP Foundation’s Tomorrow Makers IGNITE program is your spark plug. Whether you’re at the starting line of your venture or ready to take it to the next level, discover how IGNITE can fuel your journey and set your ambitions on fire.

Comprised of representatives from not-for-profits, foundations, and social enterprises, the first Social Impact in the Regions conference included diverse expert speakers who shared their insights on topics such as impact measurement, sustainable funding, and the practical steps to creating meaningful social impact. Reflecting on the positive feedback and palpable energy during the event, it’s safe to say that attendees are now more prepared than ever to tackle social challenges in their communities, fostering change in a way that’s not just powerful but also sustainable.

Learn about an unparalleled fellowship program curated to arm changemakers with the necessary tools to confront Australia’s pressing social and environmental concerns. This one-of-a-kind program offers the funding, resources and network so you can concentrate on your groundbreaking solution for an entire year (removing all worry about how you’ll afford rent or groceries). If you’re seeking a fellowship that ticks all the boxes, your search ends here.

Social enterprise has become a powerful force for positive change. Here is the lowdown on the origins of this transformative movement, tracing its roots from historical cooperatives to modern-day social entrepreneurs. Learn how the blurring of lines and the legal structures has fuelled its now global reach and future possibilities.

Uncover the remarkable accomplishments of Australia’s refugee and migrant entrepreneurs. From revolutionising Sydney’s culinary landscape to building eco-friendly communities, these awe-inspiring individuals have not only reached the pinnacle of success but also contributed positively to society. Dive into this engaging blog post as we applaud their business acumen and philanthropic ventures.

Are you passionate about creating positive change in Australia but struggling to secure the resources needed for your game-changing solution? The Kenneth Myer Innovation Fellowship, offered by The Myer Foundation & Sidney Myer Fund, is the answer. This prestigious program provides exceptional leaders with a full year dedicated to their social change idea and a generous grant of $180,000. Open to individuals from various sectors, this fellowship offers a unique opportunity to turn dreams into reality. Learn valuable tips from previous fellowship alumni who have successfully stood out in the highly competitive application process.

Discover a life-changing opportunity for migrants and refugees with a passion for entrepreneurship. The ACU Co-Lab Migrant Incubator Series is a FREE eight-week, transformative learning program designed to equip aspiring changemakers with the knowledge and skills needed to launch successful businesses in Australia. With industry experts guiding you every step of the way, you’ll gain actionable insights and practical tools to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship. Plus, you’ll have the chance to win $10,000!

Learn about the inspiring journey of Loretta Bolotin, founder of Free to Feed, a celebrated social enterprise cooking school that empowers refugees through culinary experiences. Like many founders, Loretta encountered the isolation and loneliness that often accompanies being a leader in social change. Fortunately, a unique opportunity led her to join a group of equally motivated individuals, igniting a transformative journey that reshaped both her personal and professional outlook. Loretta’s journey powerfully demonstrates the potential of social enterprises, emphasise the crucial role of fostering a sense of belonging and highlights the profound impact of food as a unifying force.

The United Nations’ latest report reveals a concerning trajectory, with the world unlikely to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Impacted by climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, the COVID-19 pandemic and conflict, progress has halted and inequality is rising. With only 12% of targets on track, urgent action is needed.

While Mick Cronin’s fierce determination has been an enduring force behind the success of a criminal youth justice and social enterprise initiatives transforming the lives of young offenders in Victoria for more than 16 years, he says he’s become even more ambitious as a changemaker since earning a Westpac Social Change Fellowship.

Here we explore the advantages of being a social impact organisation, including enhanced brand reputation, increased employee engagement, attraction of top talent, access to new markets, stronger stakeholder relationships, long-term sustainability, personal fulfilment, and customer loyalty. By understanding and embracing these benefits, organisations can maximise their potential for success while making a positive difference in the world.

Before buckling up on the social enterprise rollercoaster, it’s essential to ask yourself some critical questions to you’re starting on solid foundations. To save you a bunch of time and heartbreak, here are five key questions you should consider before diving headfirst into starting a social enterprise.