For all their recent popularity, most pitch events feel a bit old-school. They are from a time pre-digital, where stories stayed in the room they were told in, and power is neatly divided between those that really matter (the judges) and the rest of us (the audience). They seek to engage our wallets, but ignore our other great asset today, our social networks and ability to share stories that inspire us. Pitch for Good changes that.

Ever wondered how to give your funding application the best chance of success? Of course you have! Shannon Carruth has worked across Government, Corporate and non-profit sectors for the last 20 years. Throughout her career she has both submitted and reviewed thousands of funding applications and been a part of many Selection Panels making decisions about where to allocate funding – most recently as part of the Selection Panel for Dreamstarter by ING Australia. Here are Shannon’s top three tips for what it takes to be successful in your funding application.