The 3rd annual Nexus Australia Youth Summit convened March 6 – 8, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. The Summit brought together young philanthropists, impact investors, social entrepreneurs and allies – including family business members, successful entrepreneurs, and inspiring social change leaders. They discussed the challenges facing the world today and innovative solutions to them.

Connecting the financial, intellectual, creative, and social capital of our generation in action-oriented, solutions-focused, and safe space, the Nexus Australia Youth Summit aimed to inspire learning and collaboration between a uniquely powerful network of peers.

A varied and interactive program of panels, workshops, and social activities explored philanthropy, impact investing, and social entrepreneurship, family dynamics, strategies for investing and attracting investment, social transformation, and more.

Here are the top 23, 140-character takeaways from theNexus Australia Youth Summit 2016. Thank you to all that helped capture these little gems of inspiration and added to the lively twitter chatter.

Impact investing like High School sex: everyone talking, no one doing & if you are doing you’re probably not doing it very well :: @madeleinephoebe

“Social change is the long haul game and philanthropy doesn’t like the long haul they want acquittals each year” :: @ashpepball

The best thing about philanthropy is that it allows you to define your own issues – David Gonski :: @benhamley

creates witnesses to the transaction
:: @socialgoodstuff

On avoiding ineffective donations: “If u donate ur time first, ur less likely to waste ur money” – David Gonski :: @rachrofe

“How are we going to measure & value social change in the same way as ‘growth’?”   :: @NexusAustralia

We can create social change by harnessing capital markets :: 

‘What we need as a sector is to stay true to our purpose. Collaboration, not just competition.’ :: @EvaCassie

“There is no such thing as impact without the numbers to back it up.” – :: @socialgoodstuff

It’s so important for peak bodies to challenge the status quo in relation to what constitute good philanthropy  :: @theasnow

“Diversity is one of the best protections against bias” Robert Wood showing the power of inclusion! :: @hireupaustralia

Giving away a small amount of profit is not social enterprise.   
:: @daizyy

think about the 1% pledge at the beginning when it’s easier to do build it into your company DNA :: @tanchel

A different way to think about growth is horizontal rather than vertical. Inspire others to replicate rather than controlling. :: @tomjd

“Ideas + empathy = impact.”   :: @hunterjohnson91

“What if we could pump out , , individuals at scale?” :: @socialgoodstuff

“It’s not about the men that are in the room, it’s about the women who aren’t” Yes!!    :: @climate_girl

“Necessity is the mother of all innovation.” of  :: @NexusAustralia

The broader innovation ecosystem is not built by starting new ventures, but by building enterprise skills and social impact :: @benhamley

one issue with is commercialisation – make sure it’s not cool tech in search of problem  :: @MicheCottrell

It’s not the size of the round that matters, it’s what you do with it.  :: @tomjd

How is it that in 2016, we have self driving cars but still do not recognize the first people of Australia in our constitution? :: @antherpanda

On point! acknowledges movements are not started by orgs, they are started by communities. :: @cat_fay

Description Credit: Foundation for Young Australians

Nexus Australia Youth Summit: Top 23 Insights