Expanse is a one-day conference which brings together people from a diverse range of professional and non-professional backgrounds who want to use their skills and talents for the ‘good worth doing’ in the world. Held in Melbourne (21 November) and Sydney (28 November), Expanse provides an opportunity to connect with other likeminded people and organisations who are determined to be a force for change and are fighting for human development and human rights around the world.

Expanse is the brainchild of Agency, an award-winning creative studio who have been working with activists, philanthropists and humanitarians passionate about creating a better world for over 10 years. Agency believe that when people align their abilities and skills with the overarching needs of the world they hold the greatest potential for systemic change. Through Expanse, Agency aims to inspire and equip attendees through practical and innovative content from experts in the social good space.

These thought-provoking quotes represent some of the key takeaways from this year’s Expanse conference.

“Charity is great but to overcome poverty we need business.”
– Murray Bunton, Executive Director at Agency

“If you’re running the long race, take time out to recalibrate.”
– Wesley Rodricks, Head of Creative Design at Thankyou Group

“Step out of your tribe and recognise your own prejudices.”
– Audette Exel AO, Founder at The Adara Group

“Be an activist that starts a business. And don’t sell out.”
– Adam Valvasori, Campaign for Australian Aid Campaign Manager at World Vision Australia

“Maybe we are moving towards a point when we have to start biting the hand that feeds us a bit more.”
– Nishan David, Co-Founder & Director at Bloodless

“Actions changes attitude faster than attitude changes actions.”
– Tim Middlemiss, Communications Director at Agency 

“A calling is when your happiness intersects with meeting a need.”
– Tim Costello, CEO at World Vision Australia

“Refugees are people just like you and me. Just as brilliant and just as annoying.”
– Jarrod McKenna, Founder at First Home Project

“Failure is never a person. It’s only an event.”
– Eric Agyeman, ‎CEO at PVBS GROUP PTY LTD

“How can we heal the disease of fear that affects the Australian spirit?”
– Brad Chilcott, Founder of Welcome to Australia

“Who says we have to do things the way they’ve always been done?”
– Dan Flynn, ‎Owner at Thankyou Water

“What we design needs to persuade, build empathy and appeal on values.”
– Tom Maitland, Head of Digital at Agency

“There’s no better time to change things. We are at the beginning of the 6th massive wave of innovation.”
– James Moody, Founder & CEO at Sendle

“So often we push people to the margins, and then hate them for being there.”
– Tony Milne, Executive Officer at Make Poverty History Australia

“See your failures as the bumps in the road that you need to move on.”
– Molly Harriss Olson, Chief Executive Officer at Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand

Best of Expanse: the Creative Conference for Social Good