Photo Credit: Purpose/Hannah J. Nicdao

Purpose is a 2 day conference organised and curated by the incredible team at Wildwon, a end-to-end experience design and event production company who work with positive businesses and certified B Corporations to help other enterprises thrive.

Wildwon believes that the future belongs to businesses with purpose. The kind of purpose that’s baked into the business model. The kind of companies that solve problems, rather than cause them. The kind that have a healthy bottom line, but also a healthy perspective on what the world actually needs.

Purpose 2015 was hands-down the best opportunity for purpose-driven people to meet, learn from and be inspired by the industry’s best. From keynotes on shifting corporate cultures to talks on shared value to panel discussions on rewriting brand roles – Purpose 2015 explored an important trend in business: the shift towards business models that are genuinely built around a social or environmental mission.

Here are the top 20, 140-character takeaways from the Purpose 2015 conference. Thank you to all that helped capture these little gems of inspiration and added to the lively twitter chatter. Which are your favourites?

Purpose led business is about rediscovering the value of humanity in our teams, customers & humanity  
:: @linaXpatel

“Procurement is the greatest untapped tool for social change.” Worth $500M/year in Australia – Mark Daniels,
:: @tomjd

‘Running a business is like raising kids, you expect them to do what you say but they do what you do.’ Kim :: @jaydehhh

“Purpose needs to be at the core of strategy, not sidelined in a corporate communications function.” – @MattBell_EY
:: @melinachan

good businesses and people unveiled the potential to create a more conscious and empathic world sydney
:: @carolinagranado

“Most small businesses that fail are run by f*ck wits. Don’t be one” in a nut shell?
:: @carolinemclaren

The value of execution and focus and determination: “there are many start-ups, there are not many finish-ups” :: @svetaz

How is Purpose different from Vision? Purpose is Why. Vision is where you want to be.
:: @mjkendall

‘creating mutual prosperity is part of our DNA’ – ‘intergenerational responsibility’ @bankaust #purpose2015
:: @grantyoung

Hustle is less about being busy and looking productive, and more about being mindful ~ :: @TimMahlberg

courage does not equal fear! Push through the fear- great lesson from from  
:: @ktk879

“Starting a is doing 2 very hard things together: running a sustainable business & trying 2 change the world” –
:: @_laurakhamilton

“In a world where so many risks are mitigated is the extraordinary opportunity to take risks”
:: @BetterSydney

“Busyness is unrelenting. Don’t crowd out your time. Carve it out and put the spotlight on the things that matter.”
:: @DoReMeCreative

the ‘legend’ “success is a false learning” & “it’s not just about building a big edifice”. 
:: @compassionomix

Purpose is like an anchor, a rudder or like a shining star. Whatever we call it, it helps us set our direction :: @ingevanderpoel

“Carve your own path with your purpose at the center…and it will all unfold from there.” –
:: @hannahlikesyouu

“We all make choices, but in the end, our choices make us” closing with a quote from Andrew Ryan
:: @purpose_do

best conference ever: in words and pics :: @janelgw

“I can go back to work and operate with conviction.” Overheard at with and :: @smladyman

Purpose 2015: Top Twenty Insights